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Tasting Samples

Whisky Samples

30 ml whisky tasting samples are available for you to try. They are a great way to taste expressions before you decide to purchase a full bottle or perhaps to try a sample of an old or unique bottle that you would not normally have access to.

Check our site from time to time and see what has been opened for your enjoyment.

  • Whisky tasting sample bottles are 30 ml, new clear glass, with tamper proof "Super Seal"caps, white labeled, and are bottled by Single Malt Whisky. When the parent bottle is decanted, all the sample bottles are filled and sealed at the same time, thereby reducing exposure to air to an absolute minimum.

Perfect for your small whisky appreciation tastings !

(Parent bottle lot codes are on each sample, these are samples only and are marked as 'Not for Resale')


Taste a selection of aged Armagnac from the distillery 'Dartigalongue' in France.


  • Taste a selection of Gin from around the world.

Scotch At The Bar

  • We include a range of Scotch whisky samples to try "at the bar" to assist you in finding the malts you personally prefer. (Aah...there is also an English one as well)

18 yrs or Older Scotch Whisky

  • A perfect opportunity to taste a selection of Scotch whisky matured in oak for 18 years or older.

Aged 'Single Cask', Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  • A perfect opportunity to taste a selection of Duncan Taylor bottled, 'Single Cask', Aged Whisky. Non-chilfiltered, No colouring, and at cask strength.

Closed Distilleries

  • A rare opportunity to taste a selection of whisky from now closed distilleries.


  • Taste a selection of Australian whisky.


  • Taste a selection of Indian Whisky.


  • Taste a selection of Irish whiskey.


  • Taste a selection of Japanese whisky.


  • Taste a selection of award winning Taiwanese whisky. You might be surprised at just how good they are.


  • Taste a selection of Welsh Whisky.

Superior Scotch Blends

  • Taste a selection of Superior Scotch Whisky Blends.
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