Ailsa Bay 10 Year Old Aerstone Sea Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 40.0% abv, Scotland (Lowland)

Distilled at the Ailsa Bay Distillery,  this new 10 year old Aerstone range has launched with two distinct expressions. Sea Cask and Land Cask, offering two variations on the same single malt, highlighting the differences in flavour that can be created during both production and maturation. The Sea Cask was designed to highlight the effects of maturation in warehouses situated right by the sea. This impacts the maturation process and delivers a smooth whisky with a hint of sea salt.

“Good weight and texture. The drams viscosity can clearly be seen as it clings to the side of the glass. Quite a big arrival on the palate. Sea Salt. Salted Caramel, Toffee, Bitter Oak, lots of Pepper and Cinnamon on Pastry. A bit Woody with a touch of Charcoal on the finish” (



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NOSE : Light and floral with a subtle, nutty character. Delicate oak, malted biscuits and creamy vanilla background.

TASTE : Lightly-toasted almonds, sweet cotton candy and a gentle vanilla oak, balanced with a touch of tannin.

FINISH : Lingering oak with delicate sweetness.




‘Bronze’ World Whiskies Awards 2019