Ardmore 12 yr, Port Wood Finish, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 46% abv, Scotland (Highland)

A unique and premium expression of Ardmore. Double cask matured in American white oak bourbon barrels and European half port pipes, resulting in a liquid that is light and sweet with a balance of fruity, smoky notes.

Non-chill filtered and aged for 12 years, this ruby gold single malt has been made using the same traditional distilling methods for 100 years.

“Earthy and clean soft peat, rich and sweet red berries and strawberries slowly turning into sour candies, vanilla and honey and wood smoke at the background”

“Initially smooth with a long lingering finish culminating in the trademark Ardmore dryness”


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Nose : Initial nose of strawberries and summer fruits with a hint of pepper. Notes of burnt orange and cinnamon spice underlie. With water, the rich fruit aromas of red apple and cranberry intensify, accompanied by sweet honey and subtle spiced wood notes.

Palate : Sweet red apple and honey with the subtlest hint of charcoal smoke.

Finish : Initially smooth with a long, lingering finish culminating in the trademark Ardmore dryness.