Caol Ila, “Stitchell Reserve”, Cask Strength, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 59.6% abv, Scotland (Islay)

Stitchell Reserve is an unpeated release of Caol Ila and is named for the distillery manager Billy Stitchell, who is retiring after almost 40 years at the distillery. Although it is’unpeated’ there is still a smoky tang to the whisky, although less so than in previous years.

Matured in American Oak, rejuvenated American Oak and ex-bodega European Oak casks.

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NOSE : At full strength, immediately clean, aromatic and fresh: like inhaling Friar’s Balsam. After this first blast, more reticent; softly sweet, then a vivid freshness like that of crisp green fruit or lemon zest. Water raises a fruity, nutty honeyed sweetness and a faint note of treacle, with perhaps just a hazy hint of smoke.

BODY : Light to medium. Oily, yet firm.

PALATE : Drinks well straight; has an intense and in your face style, with a most appealing smooth, lightly oily texture. Firm, clean and fresh throughout. Intense and mouth-filling, with a great initial surge of sweet spiciness. Becoming honey-nutty (nut brittle, with a dark edge of treacle bitterness) then finally, warming and drying. A good splash of water develops these flavours, it’s tongue-coating and appetisingly bitter-sweet now, leaving a spicy dryness as the tide of flavour ebbs.

FINISH : Aromatic, spicy and drying, soft nutty, biscuity notes, always maintaining that essential freshness overall.