Highland Park ‘Einar’, Litre, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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1000 ml, 40.0% abv, Scotland (Island)

Part of the Warriors Series, Einar was crafted as a tribute to one of the most feared and ruthless Vikings of his time. Einar was a hard and successful Viking, often venturing on treacherous long voyages.

American & European oak casks.

“a mix of aromatic wood spices, cinnamon, cedarwood and oak. Vanilla, malty cereals, golden syrup and a whiff of earthy smoke”

  • Litre Bottle.

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APPEARANCE : Rich golden, clear and bright.

NOSE : Pineapple, spicy, wood smoke, dried peel and golden syrup.

PALATE : Initially smoky and vanilla, citrus peel develops.

FINISH : Vanilla sweetness and lingering smokiness.