Highland Park ‘Spirit of the Bear’, Litre, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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1000 ml, 40.0% abv, Scotland (Island)

Highland Park ‘Spirit of the Bear’ is part of a new series of four releases from Highland Park. Matured in sherry seasoned American oak casks.

“Preparing for battle, Viking warriors believed they could harness the great bear’s mighty power and stamina by wrapping themselves in its skins. These fearless warriors became known as ‘berserkers’, their name derived from the old Norse words ‘ber’ – bear and ‘sekr ‘– skin”

“Lingering aromatic smokiness and ginger with a slight sweetness”








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FLAVOURS : Smoky peat | Root ginger | Freshly grated nutmeg | Sweet vanilla pods

Nose : Smoky peat, cedar wood and peardrops with heather notes
Palate : Smoky peat, root ginger, freshly grated nutmeg and sweet vanilla
Finish : Lingering aromatic smokiness and ginger with a slight sweetness

‘Gold’ Drinks International Travel Retail Awards 2018