Dartigalongue Aged 20 years, Carafe, Armagnac

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500 ml, 40% abv, France

Blend of several vintages aged more than 20 years in oak barrels (including 1992, 1990, 1987, 1988).

This Armagnac made with grape varieties Baco 22A and Ugni Blanc, was distillated once in a typical Armagnac continuous still, then was aged in gasconic oak barrels, in dry and then humid cellars.
Beautifully presented in a Carafe.
*500 ml Carafe in wooden frame.


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Color : Intense amber.
Nose : Vanilla, candied fruits, spicies, oakiness.
Palate : The palate is quite soft and has a very long aftertaste.
Finish : The finish is on pastry aromas, candied fruits, and citrus. A lot of finesse for this aged blend.