The Irish Whiskey Trail

Touring Guide to Ireland’s Distilleries, Best Whiskey Pubs, Bars & Shops. The Ireland Whisky Trail

Peat, Phenol and PPM

Amongst whisky enthusiasts, the terms Peat, Phenol and PPM are not well understood, this article by Dr P Brossard, will try to explain the meaning of these terms… Old Photo, Peat Cutting : pdf dowmload [213.3 K PDF] Peat, Phenol and PPM article : pdf download [555 K PDF]

Islay & Jura Distillery Tours

Local Islay brochure outlining the Distillery opening times and contact details for 2011. Also North, South & Jura Maps. Islay & Jura Distillery Tour Information 2011 : pdf Download [1 MB PDF] Islay North Map : pdf Download [2 MB PDF] Islay South Map : pdf Download [1.9 MB PDF] Jura Map : pdf Download [3.9 MB PDF]

Distilleries to visit in Scotland

From the source of the water to the shape of the still, a distillery tour will help to explain what makes every Scotch Whisky different. No two distilleries are the same. Each has a unique setting and story, as well as a distinctive way of doing things that has evolved over many years. Many distilleries welcome visits by members of the public. It is often necessary to make arrangements in advance, but many distilleries have extensive visitor facilities and do not require prior warning of a visit… Distilleries to visit in Scotland 2011 : pdf download [2.1 MB PDF]

Flavour Map

The Flavour Map will help you choose a single malt whisky based on its taste. Whisky Flavour Map : pdf download [615.4 K PDF]

The Whisky Wheel

The first systematic attempt to define the language of whisky tasting was undertaken in the late 1970s by a group of sensory scientists in Edinburgh, “Pentlands Scotch Whisky Research”. They displayed their findings in the form of a wheel. Charles MacLean is currently working on Pentlands findings to produce a wheel which will be more useful to the consumer, the wheel you see here is his work in progress. The wheel has eight segments and three tiers. Users can begin from the outside rim, with the kind of vague aroma description which often arises spontaneously during a tasting, and work inwards to the core aromas on the first tier, or vice versa. (wheel courtesy of The Whisky Wheel : pdf download [296.6 K PDF]

Production of Scotch and Irish whiskies : their history and evolution.

Much to the chagrin of the Scotsman, it is likely that the first whisky was distilled not in Scotland, but in Ireland. Scotch and Irish whiskies : their history and evolution : pdf download [1 MB PDF]

Irish Whiskey

The Irish are known for being fighters, and Irish whiskey is no exception to the rule… Irish Whiskey : pdf download [1.9 MB PDF]

Whisky Tasting…run your own

Whisky Tasting…run your own guide : pdf download [1.3 MB PDF]

Oak and an Overview of its Influence on Maturation

Oak and an Overview of its Influence on Maturation : pdf download [693 K PDF]

How to pronounce Scotch Whisky

How to pronounce 30 or so of the most commonly mispronounced brands, names and places in Scotch Whisky.

How to pronounce Scotch whisky #1 video

How to pronounce Scotch whisky #2 video