Links of Interest…

Speyside Cooperage
See the workings of a Scotish barrel cooperage…”its all about whisky and wood”

Duncan Taylor
Independant Scotch Whisky bottler

Interactive Map of Scotland
This is an interactive Map, showing the geographic location of most of the distilleries in Scotland.

Isle of Islay, web blog
In historic times Islay had a lot more distilleries than nowadays. In the last 200 years distilleries were started up, closed again and some were mothballed and re-opened again …

Japanese whisky blog
Chris Bunting is an English journalist living in Tokyo. He edits the Japanese whisky blog.

Single Pot Still Irish Whisky
Rediscover The Original Irish Whisky……….

Tasmanian Whisky Tours
Tasmanian Whisky Tours gives you the opportunity to visit 3-4 distilleries in a single day, to taste up to ten Tasmanian single malt whiskies, to meet the whisky makers and to go behind the scenes of the distillation process.

The Laphroaig Collector
Marcel van Gils has created an excellent website about his collection of Laphroaig memorabillia, and the History of the Laphroaig Distillery.

The Malt Project
The Ardbeg Project has teamed up with “The Malt Project” to share some great video clips of Ardbeg and Islay.

Whisky Distillery Jugs
A pictorial tour of distillery branded jugs, 507 of them !

Whisky Science Blog
Bits of information about Scotch Single Malt Whisky, its production, history and chemistry.

The Tasmanian Whisky Trail

It’s the people that make Tasmanian whisky special.
Discover these characters and the stories, the love and the passion
that goes into crafting every bottle of Tasmanian whisky.

Whisky Blog Sites by Australians

Malt Mileage – Whisky Reviews
An Australian whisky blog providing personal thoughts and tasting notes on a very wide range of whisky and other spirits.

Single Malt
Single Malt Whisky Reviews

Time For Whisky
“Time for Whisky” was born out of the love of sharing a dram, talking about a dram, laughing over a dram, and exploring different whisky styles, regions and stories.

OZ Whisky Review

Oz Whisky Review is an independent online magazine for anyone curious about the Australian whisky industry.