Finlaggan Cask Strength, 58%, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 58.0% abv, Scotland (Islay)

A cask strength single malt, from a mystery Islay distillery. The bottler, Vintage Malt Whisky, is not allowed to reveal much about this highly popular dram. (is it a young Lagavulin ?…well we just dont know)

Finlaggan Cask Strength is a true whisky lover’s choice. Bottled at a hefty 58% abv, this dram has  spice running through its core.

“Peppery peat. Soot and ash. Long and warming”

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Nose: Lovely pungent peat smoke. Smoky bacon with a touch of old leather.

Palate: Rich, sweet smoke. Iodine, lemon zest, with a beautiful mouth coating oiliness. Waves of tarry peat.

Finish: Peppery peat. Soot and ash. Long and warming.

‘Gold’ Liquid Gold Award Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2014