Glenlivet “Torrain” Single Cask Edition, 18 yr old, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 52.8% abv, Scotland (Speyside)

The Glenlivet Single Cask Series is a premium whisky in which each bottle comes from an individual aged oak barrel, instead of being created by blending together the contents of various barrels.  The whisky from each barrel is bottled separately, with each bottle bearing the barrel number and the bottling date. The individual barrel contributes unique characteristics to the finished whisky and is individually selected, so each release is excitingly different.

This Glenlivet Single Cask, 18 year old,  Torrain was matured in a Spanish Sherry butt and bottled on 13/1/15, at a cask strength of 52.8% abv.
Non chill filtered, Cask #42709.

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Nose : A refreshing balance of rich and fruity notes from soft ripe pears, vanilla and butterscotch ice cream

Taste : Incredibly smooth and well balanced fruity notes, sweet red toffee apples, subtle vanilla and pears echoing the nose.

Finish : Long, smooth and slightly dry.