Jura, 30 yr old, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 44% abv, Scotland (Island)

This 30 year old Jura single malt scotch is a work of art. The bottle carries a design of the Camas an Staca ancient standing stone for good reason. It symbolises the passage of time. And just like the stone itself, this 30 year old expression has waited long and patiently. A malt that will truly stand the test of time. Much like the Camas an Staca itself.

27 long years in American white oak, and a final three in the finest Amoroso sherry casks, have crafted a masterpiece. The choice of first fill American white oak casks gives this liquid notes of orange and tangy liquorice. It is then transfered into the finest Amoroso sherry casks for its final maturation.

“An intense blend of Morello cherry, plum jam and earth allspice”

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Nose : Whispers of sea spray, spicy apple and honeyed figs linger in the background.

Taste : Fleshy oranges, tangy liquorice and sweet pineapple are followed by orange rind, black cherries, dark toffee and sun dried raisins.

‘Silver’ International Spirits Challenge 2014.
‘Gold’ International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014.
‘Winner’ World Whiskies Awards 2016.
‘Silver’ IWSC 2016