Laphroaig, Brodir, Port Wood, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700 ml, 48% abv, Scotland (Islay)

Brodir, which means brother in ancient Norse, celebrates Scotland’s long connection with the Nordic region and culture and this latest release from Laphroaig continues that commemoration. The making of Brodir Port Wood begins with a first maturation that takes place in ex-bourbon barrels followed by a second maturation in European oak casks seasoned with Ruby Port. It’s the combination of woods and the influence of port that add a complexity to this expression. Current stock is batch 002.





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Nose : Sweet and earthy. This is an Autumn whisky. Red berries, apples, mustard seeds, wood smoke and wet stones. I do enjoy the tempered, fruity sweetness on this whisky.

Taste : Notes of sweet wine. Grapes, vanilla, dark chocolate, citrus and wood smoke. It also has a darker side, the earthiness from the nose. Wet dirt and fallen leaves. Stony fresh water beach.

Finish : Medium long finish. Sweet and now a little oaky. The oakiness manifests as fresh oak and wet planks. The sweetness is now more towards caramel and fudge, with a smoky layer.