Paddy, Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

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700 ml, 40.0% abv, Ireland (Midleton)

Paddy whiskey is distilled three times and then matured in oak caskss. “It has a high malt content in its blend compared to other Irish whiskeys, this ensures that Paddy is one of the softest of all Ireland’s whiskeys” (Jim Murray, Whiskey Connoisseur)

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Nose : Fresh and lively, aromatic – a complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla.

Taste : Mild, soft, a distinctive mellow maltiness, a touch of sweet oil, spiciness – and again those background notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood.

Finish : A sweetness gently fading, mellow maltiness and mild woody notes lingering pleasingly.