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Bakery Hill 'Double Wood' , Single Malt Australian Whisky

500 ml, 46% abv, Australia (Victoria)

The Double Wood, uses un-peated malt, but is matured in both American Oak ex-Bourbon, and French Oak Casks.

“Rounded, well finished, lingering to the very end”

$159.95 inc GST

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Colour : A rich burnished bronze.

Nose : The nose opens with the slightest hint of apricot, coconut and plum and then reveals an intermingling of golden syrup, plum pudding all wrapped in the spicy hint of cloves.

Palate : Subdued, mouth filling with orange marmalade overtones with the characteristic rich nougat sweetness and well balanced oak.

Finish : Rounded, well finished, lingering to the very end.

Bakery Hill Double Wood 46%
Score 94.5/100
“Gorgeous, marmalade with the vaguest hint of something smoky. Soft, with playful barley and a light sliver of ulmo honey. Date syrup with the standard honey and a touch of prune juice. A delivery you could raise the Australian flag for.
Get it up to body temperature and marvel”.

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