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Mackmyra, Bee Sweedish Whisky Honey Liqueur

500 ml, 22% abv, Sweeden

Bee is a Swedish liqueur with whisky and honey, made from Swedish whisky, malt vodka and organic honey. The honey is produced in the surroundings of Gävle and Valbo, and consists mainly of dandelion, linden and forest honey with hints of raspberry flowers.

The abv is set to a tasteful 22 %, to perfectly balance the mild notes of honey.


$69.95 inc GST

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Nose : The nose is fruity, berry and complex with notes of honey, cask wood, vanilla and coffee.

Palate : The palate is delicious and honey sweet with aromas of demerara sugar, vanilla and butterscotch with light cask notes in the background. The aftertaste is slightly honey sweet with notes of almond, coffee and citrus.


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