Timboon Christies Cut 60% Single Malt Australian Whisky

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500 ml, 60% abv, Australia

Christie’s Cut is a premium, cask strength whisky in true, small batch craft style. It’s named after Inspector John Christie who at the turn of the 19th century tracked and captured Tom Delaney who was an illicit distiller in the Timboon area. Like Christie himself, this malt is big and bold. It has a deep character and a long, full flavoured finish. Burnt raisins, silk, smoke and spice. Matured in 45 litre ex-Port casks.

Distilled 3/9/13


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“Aged for longer, it has a deep flavour profile with no harshness, hints of smoke and spice contribute to the extra long finish”

Burnt raisins, silk, smoke and spice.

Jim Murray 2018 Whisky Bible scores this big boy at 90.5