Tomintoul, Peaty Tang, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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700ml, 40.0% abv, Scotland (Speyside)

Tomintoul, Peaty Tang, a new no-age-statement expression, is distilled in the traditional manner but unusually for a Speyside, it is crafted using peated malted barley to impart a distinctive smoky and heathery flavour.


The colour of Peaty Tang is light and golden and the nose is fresh, clean and crisp. There is initial vanilla and cereal grains (think of the husks especially) before the vibrant ‘peaty tang’ kicks in. The peatiness is reminiscent of damp earth and has a root-like element to it. There is also a slight floral note (imagine heather) and a hint of dried fruits (particularly sultanas). On the palate, there is distinct malted barley and nuts (think of almonds) and these are joined by the vanilla and dried fruit from the nose. The ‘peaty tang’ is sweeter and slightly more prominent than on the nose but still has that earthy, rooty quality to it. These elements combine well with an additonal touch of saltiness and spiciness (imagine peppercorns). The overall feeling is vibrant, fresh and uncomplicated. The finish begins sweetly before turning oaky and dry, with the peaty smokiness lingering after the other elements have faded.


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NOSE : Heathery smoke balanced with subtle floral tones.

PALATE : Gentle ‘Peat-reek’ flavours expected from a Islay whisky but with a hint of malty nuttiness and fruity sweetness, as you would expect from a Speyside whisky.

FINISH : Lingering smoke and peat with a touch of sweetness.

“A bit more than a tang believe me. Faultlessly clean distillate that revels in its unaccustomed peaty role”
score: 94 Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2012.

‘Silver’ 2008, The International Wines & Spirits Competition.