Auchintoshan, Scotland.

Extract from Alfred Barnard’s historic tour of every whisky distillery in Great Britain, published in ‘1887’

ON our way to Bowling we stopped at Old Kilpatrick, and paid a hasty visit to the little Distillery which heads this charter. It is situated in a romantic glen with a stream of water running past it, and is about one mile from the Station. At the time of our visit the haymakers were busy in the fields connected with the Distillery, and consequently the Works were almost abandoned. We were informed that the Distillery was founded in the year 1825. The Barley Barn and Malting are in an oblong building connected by a gangway with the Malt Kiln. The Tun Room contains four Washbacks, and there is a good sized Mash Tun. The two Stills are “Old Pot Stills”, and the Whisky is principally sold in the Home Trade. Nine persons are employed, and the annual output is 50,000 gallons. The water used comes from the Cochna Loch on the Kilpatrick Hills, and is said to be of fine quality.