Ichiro’s, Chichibu, ‘Wine Wood Reserve’ Japanese Pure Malt Whisky

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700 ml, 46% abv, Japan

Part of Ichiro’s malt series, containing whisky from the now closed Hanyu distillery and matured, vatted and bottled at the Chichibu distillery. This edition was given a finishing period in French Oak, ex-red wine casks.

“is rich with berry sweetness with chocolate and spices”

“unique red wine nose with nut, berry and spice overtones.  The palate is spicy with excellent sweetness, leading to a finish with tannins and dark chocolate”

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Nose : red wine notes upfront, nutty, marzipan, followed by coconut in a unique combination. Liquorice and star anise with red berries. Fantastic unusual nose

Palate : Hot and spicy, great sweetness, dried figs and not a lot of wine. Red berries and chilly come second, and slight amount of tannins, milk chocolate and cocoa

Finish : Pepper and chilly. Tannins and dark chocolate, with a very slight hint of smoke.