White Oak, Akashi “Black”, Japanese Whisky Blend

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500ml, 40.0% abv, Japan

The Akashi Blended Whisky (Black) is a blend of 35% Malt, and Grain whisky (made from wheat & barley). This is whisky blended in the scotch tradition, with Japanese precision, the malt is lightly peated, and vatting is mostly ex-bourbon, balanced by White Oak’s unique variety of barrels.  Non-chillfiltered.

“The nose is very fruity with apricots and dried fruits, and a shy note of honey”

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The Akashi Blended Whisky (Black) is aged on average for 3 years and 8 months. It is a blend of 35% Malt & Grain Whisky made from wheat & barley.

Akashi White Oak Japanese Whisky has a malty, citrusy aroma with scents of black cherry, toffee and oak. Notes of vanilla and pine nuts dominate the palate, and lead to a long, malty finish.