Preface Page

‘The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom’

Extract from Alfred Barnard’s historic tour of every whisky distillery in Great Britain, published in ‘1887’


I cannot refrain from expressing the delight with which I look back upon my visits and associations with the Distillers themselves, as apart from my extremely pleasurable intercourse with them, without their assistance this book could not have been written, and from stating that a more agreeable and hospitable class does not exist. Everywhere I was received courteously, and in many places with kindly hospitality, A time that surely shall come, Than just a Highland welcome!”


In alluding to those persons who have rendered me assistance, I must not omit to mention a dear friend, who will not let me “present him”, for his able articles on “Distillation”, whose talent has left nothing for me to say on the subject, and to whom I feel deeply indebted. Also to Messrs. A. & C. Dawson for the admirable reproduction of an old family relic, which appears as the frontispiece to the work and which has been photo-engraved on copper direct from the object; also for the maps. To Messrs. Walker & Boutall for many of the etchings which have done much to embellish and increase the value of the work.

January 1887
Alfred Barnard