Nikka Coffey Grain, Japanese Whisky

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700 ml, 45% abv, Japan

An essential component of the Nikka blends, the Nikka Coffey Grain is an original single grain whisky, distilled in a ‘Coffey still’, which is a very traditional ‘Patent Still’ imported from Scotland in 1963. Exotic, fruity and unique.

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“Molten muscovado sugar.
Soft oils carry the thinned golden syrup aloft.
Almost a semi-liqueur, but with that indefineable whiskyness which sets it apart.
The slight bitterness of the cask jolts the serenity of the oily sugars.
Whisky from any part of the globe, does not come more soft or silky than this”
94.5 points (Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2015)

“Sweet, with subtle, crisp, nutty oak, then comes fudge, ripe banana, and peach. The overall effect is like eating vanilla ice cream with toffee fudge and hazelnut sprinkles. The structure is thick and physical, the palate sweet and quite fat, with light hints of raspberry, fruit salad. A jag of acidity freshens the delivery on the finish. With water there’s more toffee, and it becomes slightly more yielding, with less oak. For me the gold standard of grain”
92 points (