New Zealand 21 yr old, High Wheeler, Whisky Blend

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350 ml, 43.0% abv, New Zealand

Years ago, in the Willowbank distillery in Dunedin, a batch of whisky was made in the distillery’s pot-stills using un-malted barley. This “single grain whisky” was then blended with 70% of their single malt, and placed into American Oak, ex-bourbon barrels. Twenty-one years later, carefully selected casks have been bottled as “High Wheeler”.

*350 ml bottle

“High Wheeler has a light presence on the tongue and tastes of pears in the main, accented by a little oakiness and a little smokiness. The finish left a lingering trace of salt and smoke”

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Nose : Elegant balance of baked pear and vanilla crisp with gentle floral notes.
Taste : Pear sweetness again, smooth and clean body.
Finish : Chilli pepper warmth giving way to a long salty and sweet finish.